Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Too much to do and too little time and birthdays and nights out and school holidays and crap weather means a right bloody mess in our house. Still got loads of camping stuff lying around doing my head in with no real place to live except the garage or loft - and I can't face either. 
And birthday presents. And the new bike. And washing. And work. 
Planning a big clearout once the kids bugger off back to school....but it probably won't happen will it?!
Where do those people with neat and tidy houses find the time?
...or are they just dull???


  1. yes dull...and sometimes a bit freaky...? I am talking about my own monica habits!! a good clear out always feels good, how about a car boot? I am currently addicted and soon may have sold pretty much everything I own!

  2. Feel the same, everything is in chaos but have to wait till they go back to school next week and then we have building work so more chaos and a new kitten so the boys have made box assault courses which at the moment live in the lounge!! Enjoy the last few days.......

  3. Yep I'm with you about the school thing. I was at a BBQ on Sunday with a "manic Mummy" who was saying she couldn't bear being away from her son (whos 8). I'm obviously a crap mother cos I can't wait to get organised!! I'm really hoping that the idea of Island living has passed....