Saturday, 6 August 2011

shoe dilema

I have sandals and flip flops for summer, boots and more boots for winter, heels for nights out, slippers for nights in, wellibobs for rain and the odd pair of ballet pumps for when none of the above are suitable.....but I don't have anything for crappy days when it's meant to be summer but it's Britain and it's not very warm and it's a little bit wet and a little bit windy....and cold...
And as it's less than 2 weeks before we go on our camping trip to the Isle of Man I feel that this major wardrobe gap needs to be filled.
A bit stuck what to fill it with though.
I don't do trainers. And I look like a golf club in Converse...
All other suggestions most welcome...


  1. ...hmm are you sure you cant do trainers...? vans are v popular down here at the mo,the low kind, work with leggings, skinny jeans, dresses...?

  2. Bensimons are my faves......
    nice colours but not great for big downpours (but you'd have your wellies then)

  3. I also need some shoes for the rainy summertime. I seem to either live in flip flops or boots!
    The only inbetween shoe I have is 'Janessa' by Hush Puppies.

  4. Thanks peeps...but I've seen the weather forecast now
    ...just gonna take the Hunters, won't need anything else!! x