Monday, 29 August 2011

I'm back!

Had a fab time camping, loved the tent, loved the duck down sleeping bag, loved the chinese & indian takeaways and the fish and chips by the sea (thought about cooking for a minute but sod that, I was on holiday!) hated the couple who arrived at 6 am and put their tent up on top of ours very loudly and hated their dog who snored all night every night!
Anyway got back to busy busy busy-ness. Little man's 7th birthday complete with trips to the bike shop and toys r us to spend his on Saturday...big bank holiday night out Sunday....hangovers and work.... holiday completely forgotten now!


  1. Welcome back ! Glad you had a good time....trying to persuade the other half to go camping but I'm not getting anywhere ! Looks like you had fun ! x

  2. Jayne, camping was fab....but tbh you can't beat an aeroplane, sunshine and someone cooking for you on your jollies ;-)

  3. ha aint that the bloomin way, need another holiday the minute you get back!! good to have you back tho luv ;) XX

  4. all sounds very famillar!
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays!!