Friday, 5 August 2011

new obsession

This week I discovered Poppy Dinsey's fab blog What I Wore Today .....loved it and got myself an invitation to her new Beta site where other people can upload what they wore today too so that everyone can gush about how fabulous they look and give them stars and everything!
Decided to try the experiment myself to see if I could stop wearing jeans and a black top every day.
Don't panic, I didn't post the photos! Clearly I am twenty years older than everyone on there and my clothes are more mother-of-two-who-works-from-home than funky-young-girl-with-lots-of-time-on-her-hands-who-can-faff-around-in-her-wardrobe-every-morning.
And it turns out I actually quite like wearing jeans and a black top. Just easier. And no-one sees me anyway. Except the kids. And the other half. Like they'd notice what I wear....

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