Monday, 17 October 2011


The other half has nagged for a dog for the last 800 years. He always had a dog when he lived at home. He's wanted one since we met.
I don't really like dogs. I don't want one. 
I have managed so well up to now but he's increased the pressure lately. He's been showing the kids photos of cute little puppies. He's been telling them they can have one. He's been looking on the interweb for a suitable one. 
But I don't want a dog.
Yesterday was his birthday. We went out for the day and he spent half of it on his iPhone searching for dogs for sale. He kept showing the kids the cute little results of his searches.
Today he phoned one of the adverts. He arranged to see a man about a dog tonight!
I don't want a bloody dog!!!!!


  1. Go for it will love it....what sort are getting ??

  2. I was never keen on dogs until I agreed to look after my hairdresser,s dog for a couple of weeks. It wAs little bother and quite fun actually. Meeting and chatting with other dog owners (there's a whole new social world out there) and having the excuse to go on long walks were my favourite bits. We still get to look after the dog a few times a year. The only thing is that it's a massive commitment. You'll have to ensure that you get hubby and kids to do the lions share of the care.

  3. PUG PUG PUG PUG PUG PUG!!!!!!! ;)

  4. sorry I can't sympathize with you unless your other half will dump the dog on to walk each day?!
    I love dogs and all animals! I have a dog and he keeps me fitter mentally and physically than I would be if I didn't have one. i'd spend my whole day at this desk if he wasn't in my life!
    If you do get a dog you will quickly come to love it I'm sure but if you are really not a dog person I strongly suggest you do not get one. Afterall it is another life you are responsible for and if you aren't up to it then do the right thing and don't get it.

  5. OH dear girl I hear you!
    As we speak my kids are on t'interweb looking for pooches in dog homes. So far they've found a one-eyed jack russell and a greyhound....... wouldn't mind but eldest is having allergy testing and has tested positive for DOGS!

    Let us know how it goes

  6. aaahh, you should definetley get one, believe me, you'll never look back!
    I cant imagine not having our little alfie. look at lhasa apso, they're fab!
    I'll keep an eye on your blog to see what happens.... ;-)

  7. I am with you Pop-i-cok. I don't want a dog and the rest of my family do. All those walks in the rain and picking up poo, that's all I can think of. Good luck and I'm sure you will fall in love with him/her and wonder why you waited so long. Well that's what my family tell me anyway. x