Monday, 3 October 2011

smarty pants

The little man was given a tube of Smarties at Beavers last week. He had to scoff the Smarties then fill the tube with as many little things as he could. He has to take it back to Beavers tomorrow. Full. 
This is how I found the tube this morning in the green wheelie bin!
I wouldn't mind but the culprit was the parent who picked him up from Beavers last week and got all the details.
...And it wasn't me!


  1. I recall seeing an empty packet of smarties in our bin last Weds. I didnt take Max to Beavers last week so I'm wondering if they came from there???!!!

  2. I'm guessing they did....and I'm guessing that means you better hurry up and buy some more, scoff 'em and fill the tube with SMALL STUFF really really quick!

  3. fuuny!! hey are you gonna adopt that bird as your new logo...??? ;)

  4. ha ha Ilona....I might incorporate him into every design I do from now on....till Thomas Owen Knowles notices and sues me :-)