Monday, 10 October 2011


I had my eyelashes done on Thursday...lovely long lashes that were easy to flutter. They were meant to last two weeks. Last night a couple fell out on one eye leaving a gap in the middle showing normal length rubbish lashes. Tried to get the others off 'cos I look ridiculous. But they appear to be stuck on with superglue. Now I've got one eye with normal lashes and one eye with lovely long lashes. Ace!


  1. I have had a really bad day...just read your post and laughed out loud !! Thanks Dawn for cheering me up ! x....and really cute bunny by the way !

  2. oh bums! I've thought about these lashes but my natural lashes are pathetic and I'd worry that I'd look like a made up doll with extra lush lashes :0)
    there must be something that'll melt the glue....probably find some advice online?! Good luck! Otherwise it's dark glasses for you :0)))