Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Minnie the dog

Well of course I knew that we couldn't all trail over to Bolton and actually come home without a dog didn't I?
This is Minnie, the newest member of our family. 
She's an 8wk old Border Terrier and was a bit smelly. But she's had a bath now and is settling in well. 
She was a bit whiney today so she sat on my knee while I worked.
I'm still insisting she's not my responsibility....but she's actually really cute....and I actually quite like her...don't tell Neil...


  1. oooo i love borders - what a sweetie. My frank thinks she is a looker too. !x

  2. I knew it !! She's lovely...oooh you're going to have so much fun with her ! x

  3. Oh this is too much!
    She's sooooooooo cute.
    My children and mr cheese must NEVER see this.
    Hi Minnie, welcome to blogworld.

  4. ssssooo cute! I've just got my first dog (also a border terrier) and have also caved in and let him sit with me whist I work.
    Great blog by the way- so funny to read x

  5. Very cute and hard to resist.

  6. so cute. she's gonna steal your heart, you'll see!!