Monday, 21 November 2011

christmas cards

Uploaded my chrimbo cards to Moo this weekend....did some gift tags and stickers this year too...woo get me!
If you're on my Christmas card list look away now!


  1. these look fab dawn!! I was also tempted with some stickers but have ended up getting some rubber stamps made instead xxx

  2. They look great, used Moo as well this year waiting for them to arrive!

  3. these look great! Really fresh and different colours for xmas!

  4. These are lovely Dawn!! Mine came back from Moo well printed, and I wish I'd got stickers time :)

    By the way, I've just solved the problem of shadow round pictures on blogger, and thought of you! Go here if it still bothers you (if it wasn't you and I've got confused, just ignore me, if it is, it's quite easy!) :


  5. Hallo!
    I'm glad you ill be a "follower" on my blog... and glad I found my way your pictures very much!