Monday, 28 November 2011

Posting Woman From Hell

Today I had a parcel to post. Just one little parcel. Nothing complex. Straight forward Royal Mail Special Delivery. It's a two minute job on the walk home from school. 
Unless, that is, you get behind the Posting Woman From Hell!
And I did. 
I knew as soon as I walked in that she was the Posting Woman From Hell because I have been behind her on two previous occasions in the last 6 months.
I don't know what she does...sells slippers on Ebay is my guess...but she ALWAYS has a gigantic sack of parcels. She slowly takes them out of the sack and puts them on the scales. One by one. Slowly. She always causes a queue of Disneyland proportions. She never looks round to apologise to the people who only want a first class stamp. She just pulls out the parcels one by one.
Why does she always go to post her million parcels at the busiest time of day? Everyone calls in the post office on their way home from school. Does she do it on purpose? 
Today she had 33 parcels. Better than last time when it was 54 I suppose.
She is the most annoying woman ever.
And she wears Crocs!
Even in winter!


  1. he he! I like your rant-I can identify with it :0))
    Just about everything seems to annoy me these days :0))

  2. Ha ha! This made me giggle - especially the bit about the crocs! I don't like going to our post office, because the man who works there is extremely grumpy! Whatever you want to do or buy is just causing him hassle! Grrr...

  3. Hee hee, what do you expect from someone who wears crocs :-)

  4. Your post made me smile... I can totally associate with what you are saying! :-)

  5. It's universal! they do it on purpose I'm sure for attention! And the crocs are for added irritation; noice and compfy and bright bright orange ha ha.