Friday, 18 November 2011

things I have learnt this week

If you go for a walk with a dog it takes twice as long as normal 'cos you have to stop and chat to lots of dog lovers!

One night is never enough at the Titanic Spa.

When planning a Christmas meal with several families you're never gonna please everyone.

My local Tesco have started selling Green & Black's chocolate with ginger again after a 12 month absence, woohoo!

I was correct when I suspected that the company who were so keen for me to get the work done on time would not be so keen to pay on time.

Minnie the dog doesn't just bark at footballs, she also barks at men with ladders who just want to fix next door's roof.


  1. Cute dog !! Has she settled in ?

    Oooh and a night at a Spa...well deserved !! x

  2. Yes thanks Jayne, she's settled in.....I'm getting used to having a dog under my feet as well as two kids and a bloke! x