Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Minnie the dog ... update

Minnie the dog had her second lot of injections today. The vet said one more week and she can play out!
She's doing very well and I like her. Apart from the poo. Some days she does ok and manages to go in the garden. Other days she doesn't. Cleaning poo from the living room carpet is not a job I like much!
And the kids aren't exactly leaping out of bed to see her any more. Now that it's cold and mostly rainy on a morning they don't seem very keen on taking her outside in their pyjamas....funny that!


  1. Hmmmmm!
    My youngest has her beady eye on 7 whippets who were found in a cardboard box and are at our local dogs home.
    no no no no no no and no!!!!!!

  2. She makes a cute illustration though so you must love her despite the poo!

  3. Can you remember when i used to do all the dog sitting, well even the most well trained doggy managed to wee on my draft excluder!!x

  4. ha I can relate to the poo cleaning, this morning I was greeted with cat sick on BOTH of my sofas...it was not a good start to the day!!!

  5. I will tell my husband about this, as he wants to get a dog too. I can't face it as we already have 2 cats, one of which is sick a lot, and the other catches a lot of mice. I can't cope with dog poo in carpets as well!

  6. My hubby said to me the other day "I took the dog out for you"!! I couldn't believe it. I said "I took the dog out FOR YOU yesterday twice, and the day before that and before that". I love the way my son gags when our dog does a poo!
    Yep, family dog only me who walks/cleans up after it!!