Friday, 7 September 2012

back to school week

Well the big one loved her new school. She looked very smart, made new friends and came home with enough books to fill a small library.

The little one was happy in his new class and got voted in as 'eco-councillor'. (No idea what that entails but if he starts nagging me to turn the heating off and have a shower instead of a bath he will have to resign.)

And me? I was supermother this week. I got up extra early every day. I had the washing hanging out before 7.30 am!! The neighbours assumed it was still there from the night before because this has never happened before. I made the little man's sarnies on a night to free up some time on a morning for further motherly duties. I had uniforms laid out ready every day. I was dressed in time to meet and greet the folks picking the big one up. Me and the little one set off in plenty of time to school and didn't have to run all the way there, not even once! I returned letters and signed planners on all the right days. I started work as soon as I got in every day 'cos there was no crap to pick up off the floor and put away. I'd already done it. *smug face*

Anyway I'm totally knackered now. Next week I'll be going back to being get-up-at-the-last-minute-and-shout-a-lot-mother. It's so much more fun that way. Supermothers can be such a bore.


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  2. Wow, you really have been supermother! Think you can pop over and sort my life out please ;-) x