Saturday, 15 September 2012


The little one went to a party this morning. Then the other half took him to the footie. 
The big one did her homework. Then she went off to Rosanella's birthday sleepover.
This left me in the very rare position of having some time on my hands. On a Saturday!!
I could've hot footed it into Leeds for some retail therapy.
Or gone back to bed for the afternoon.
I could've cleaned the entire house and tackled the ironing mountain.
Or just sat on my arse on the sofa with a magazine and a glass of wine.
But instead I put the time to good use.
I got myself on the interweb.
I booked a ferry to the Isle of Man for a weekend away.
Then I ordered myself an iPhone 5.
I'm sooo giddy. It's due to arrive on Friday. RELEASE DAY!
Beats the 10 mile queue I found myself in for the iPhone 4. 
Which leaves me wondering what I'll do on Friday when I save myself 4 hours worth of queuing?
Sofa and wine perhaps??


  1. Your blog is so cute, the way you write it and the little illustrations to go with it.. im in love! x

  2. sounds like my relax time, sitting on my ass with ipad in hand just browsing stuff I didnt get a chance to look at during the day. abit of online shopping here...abit of commenting on blogs there...