Thursday, 20 September 2012

fashion police

A message to the mums on the school run.....
Summer is over! It's freezing! Stop wearing flip flops! 
What is wrong with these people?
Thank you.


  1. So glad someone else thinks the same! Yes the sun may still be out but that does not mean its summer! And put on a cardi for goodness sake you'll catch your death, it is not that warm...ok rant over x

  2. This really made me laugh! I can't tell you how many times I've thought this, and it's not just mums, all types appear to be fond of wearing flip flops on a sunny winter's day in Clapham. But why??!!

    This is Ellie, reporting on Clapham for Pop-i-cok Designs. Back to studio...

  3. i am looking at my flip flops and sandals and feeling very sad that we will now be apart for months. I think those ladies are clinging on to the hope of sun still! Or they have very thick elephant skin on their feet!

  4. perfect, love the colour combo in this illo x

  5. No flip flops here just wellies! Phew! Pleased I passed that one!

  6. ok so today was my first day of socks and shoes and yes it felt right!!

  7. Heating on.
    Hot water bottle.
    Woolly socks.

    Autumn's here!