Monday, 10 September 2012

large instrument

The little one will be getting an instrument from school tomorrow. He will have it for a year. He will be expected to lug it to school every Tuesday. Then lug it home. He is supposed to practice with it every night. 
This is not great news for me. It will either be a violin, a cello or a double bass. It may very well be bigger than him. And it is certain to make a right bloody racket.
Can't wait!


  1. Well, we laughed out loud to this one :)Love the Illo

  2. I played on the fact I have a tiny Smart Car so my son just got a ukulele!! My mates on got a tuba (she has a 4 wheel drive huge thing)!! You can borrow my car if you like......

    1. Ha ha! Well I have a mini...and he got a "small" violin....hasn't brought it home yet...thank god! x