Thursday, 28 November 2013

40 quid jeans

The big one needed new jeans.
It is no longer acceptable for me to order her a nice pair from Boden or Next. Any suggestion of this would be met with incredulous disapproval and a few snorting noises. These days her jeans have to be Topshop.
Which meant that not only did I have to shell out 40 quid on the damned things but also that we had to go shopping in the last week of November. Prime-Christmas-shopping-frenzy-panic time. (Don't get me started on my irritation with people who do their Christmas shopping 3 months early then show off about it in a smug manner on every form of social media!!)
The 40 quid jeans are hanging in her wardrobe now. But I know that this will be their only visit.
From now on she'll store them on her bedroom floor. Screwed up with all her other clothes, clean and not clean. She says she prefers it that way...


  1. ah Im a Top Shop Baxter jeans only girl ( well 45 year old pah) I see her point. ;)