Monday, 11 November 2013


Suppose I should get my arse into gear and design this year's Christmas card.
Truth is Christmas design isn't really my fave. I find it a bit dull. Same decision every year. Shall we have Santa or a reindeer or a snowman or a penguin? Or how about all four? Radical! Or a bauble? Dull. Blah.
But I never seem to find any cards I like in the shops. Or I like one card in a pack of four and then I have to pick out the chosen people who will receive the good card...and all the people I don't like as much get the crappy ones.
So anyway....I started sketching, hoping to be struck by inspiration. And enthusiasm. Not really happening yet. Same old same old. Here are a couple of pages from my sketchbook...reindeers, snowmen and trees...zzzzz


  1. Oooh I LOVE Crimbo love your reindeers too! I'm currently trapped in Mother's Day - flowers, hearts, cutesy vomitty things - now thats dull!

  2. this really made me laugh...especially the part about giving the best card of the pack to the chosen ones, lol. I can never get too motivated about doing my own card either, but I love your reindeer :)

  3. you can always try different animals, what about a christmassy kangaroo? or olinguito? I'm sure they aren't many cards with olinguitos - just yet!

  4. Gigi...I just had to google olinguito!! I have NEVER heard of them! Ever! But now I have there's no stopping me....olinguito xmas card coming up :-) Thanks! xxxx