Thursday, 21 November 2013

little pink dress

I saw this LOVELY pink sequin dress on ASOS the other week and fell in love with it (I know it sounds YAK but believe me, it was a lovely dress) So knowing I had loads of Christmas bashes to attend I ordered it. In a very organised manner. And of course I threw in a couple of little black numbers on my order. To be on the safe side. In case I decided pink was
Anyway, it arrived. It fitted. It looked fabulous. Yay.
I decided to wear it to the first bash on Saturday...the mums of Birkenshaw annual Christmas meal.
Well not so yay actually. Try finding shoes to match a little pink number. In winter. And a bag. And a coat.
I'm ok with black. I have a multitude of black shoes, black bags and black coats.
I have nothing to match pink. And nor do the shops. And I searched ALL the shops. I was happy to arrive at the nude-patent-court-shoe party a little late in the day but couldn't even find any of them that I liked. (Actually I did rather fancy a pair of Manolo's but my budget was stretched and it wasn't happening for 40 quid)
Add to that the stress of finding a bag and having to go out in sub zero temperatures coatless (who owns a winter coat to match bright pink sequins? Not me!) and I was swiftly going off the little pink dress....
Then my mother arrived to put the final nail in the coffin. When I took it out of the bag all the sequins had squished the wrong way. She pulled a face and said that if I sat down I would end up with a bum shaped mark at the back so I would be best standing up all night.
That was the point at which I decided that pink was not for me. I parcelled it up and sent it back.
So....little black dress it is for me on Saturday night. For a change. 
Anyway. Black is the new black dontchaknow dahling.


  1. Your mum's right Dawny! I have a silver sequin skirt and I've only worn it once...I spent the whole night smoothing down the sequins! Every time I moved they moved! Looked nice in the picture... nightmare on! I'll bring it to NY with me, you can borrow it! ;-)

  2. Tehe, enjoy the evening and party season….go girl! x

  3. Whatever you wer, have agreat time Dawn and just been catching up on your blog and seen your exciting news!! Apat from your new dress, of course! Congrats on the new studio and I know you'll do great :) xx Michele