Saturday, 9 November 2013


So the week before last was half term and as I had the kids hanging about all week and couldn't do very much in the way of actual proper work I thought it would be a great idea to paint the living room. Cos I'm full of bright ideas. And I worked out it was like 9 years ago when it got it's major makeover and we haven't done much to it since. Apart from add mucky fingerprints to the wall. And wreck the beige carpet.
Of course once the walls were a lovely shade of bright white the carpet looked even worse than it did before. So we had to buy another. And the blinds at the window were in a right state. So we had to buy more. And Stuart the joiner had to come to shave a bit off the bottom of the doors to make them fit over the carpet. And put the new blinds up 'cos we are incapable of such things. So the little paint job turned into a major overhaul that took 2 flipping weeks.'s just about finished and I was sooo looking forward to sitting on my arse tonight to watch some crap tv surrounded by lovely new living room. 
Till the bloody telly conked out. 
It has died! It's just fuzzy lines. No picture. No sound. So now we need a new flipping telly. 
It was kind of of those tellies that they don't make any more. A telly from a previous era. Practically vintage. But would've been nice to watch it my new room...

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