Tuesday, 31 January 2012

black and white

Auntie Isabelle's funeral yesterday was really sad but it went as well as a funeral can be expected to go.
Unfortunately I'm going to another next Wednesday... an old school friend died of cancer after a very brave fight. 
It's one of those 'wear something bright and don't come in black' sort of funerals.
Now call me old fashioned but I like a bit of black at a funeral. A lot of black actually. Everybody matching. Very smart. At my funeral everyone has to wear black. With a bit of white if they wish. But NO colours. Black and white only or you can't come in. Big black hats totally welcome of course.


  1. So RED heels would be a no no then....just checking....just so I know...

  2. Can I interest you in black heels with a red sole? They would be VERY acceptable!

  3. Ok....I can go with that....but I must insist on matching bag....

  4. I have black(ish) hair.........
    (with a smattering of grey, which I will colour in)
    Big old hugs

  5. Oh no...will we be expected to colour our hair in....blimey...ok then....only I dont have black....will 'Iced Chocolate' do....or 'Lush Latte'....??

  6. I think perhaps that I will allow ANY hair colour to attend my funeral ....
    providing it's under a big black hat....with a veil.... :-)