Wednesday, 18 January 2012

girls night in

Well, it's Wednesday so that can only mean one thing....girl's night... YAY!
There are five of us. We've been doing girl's night every Wednesday for nearly 20 years. When I tell people I'm going to girl's night they always look really interested and say ooooh where are you going? When I inform them that actually we just go to each other's houses they look slightly less interested. When I mention that we just have our tea and moan a bit they look decidedly unimpressed. And when I point out that we leave at bang on 10pm without drinking a drop of alcohol I can see them glazing over.
Not everyone's cuppa tea I suppose....but we're happy :-)
And we're going out properly this Saturday night....drinking and everything! :-)


  1. No matter where, when or what you drink a girly get together is always a giggle! x

  2. Sounds good to me1 Enjoy the big night out!