Saturday, 28 January 2012

smelly dog

Minnie the dog is all very lovely.....but she does have a tendency to smell like a dog.
We stick her in the bath around once a week ...but it's a three man job. One to hold her in there, one to do the washing and one to fill up the jugs of warm water.
Last week I had to do the job solo. I can't stand that doggy smell and I had people I locked us both in the shower and washed her on my own. It was a traumatic experience that I do not wish to repeat.
She's a bit stinky again now and ready for another bath. What a bore!
Maybe when it gets warmer we'll just hose her down outside? Roll on summer...


  1. i cant think of anything worse than being stuck in a shower cubicle with a wet dog!!! yes definitely outside is the way forward. xxx

  2. he he! It is a task. We had 2 scotties before our giant schnauzer and they were easy in the bath-just stood there and let you get on with it. We have to take our giant to a special dog washing place now-he's too big for bath!
    Maybe you could invest in some doggy perfume too :0))