Sunday, 15 January 2012

hot date

My Mum and Dad kindly offered to have The Little People for a sleepover last night.
Yay! Night out for me and The Other Half!
We decided on a nice meal and a trip to the cinema...
Unfortunately with a start time of 7.15pm we couldn't fit in a 'nice meal' beforehand. And with a finish time of 10pm we weren't gonna get one after either.
But we were starving so... Plan B: we decided to get something quick at KFC before the film then go for a curry after...
The queue at KFC was at least a mile long.
So...Plan C: something quick at McDonalds..
Then...Plan D: McDonalds in the car 'cos it was so busy inside that we couldn't even sit down! (In the current economic climate people have clearly down-graded their food joints are obviously de riguer these days!)
Anyway after sitting through nearly 3 hours of the highly depressing War Horse we needed a stiff drink. (Yes I know it's critically acclaimed...gonna win a million Oscars etc etc but blah blah it was mostly filled with misery and if it had been on DVD I would've turned it off!)
So we went to the pub.
And just had beans on toast when we got in.
We are so sophisticated!

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  1. ha ha thats a classic, sounds like something that would happen to us!! needed the honest heads up about war horse, now I will know to give it a miss :) XX