Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Tonight me and my friend Rachael are going out with "Pontins".
Pontins was our mate when we were about 15. We haven't seen him since. He lives in the Isle of Man now but he's in sunny Yorkshire this week. He arranged a reunion via facebook. Just us three though....I think?....Can that be actually classed as a reunion?
He's called Pontins 'cos when we first met him he made the mistake of showing us his the Pontins brochure! He went on holiday there every year. It was nineteen-eighty-something. I think I've still got it. I suspect it's in the loft with all the other really important items that can't be thrown away 'cos we'll need them one day.... Maybe I'll dig it out before tonight, that'll give us something to talk about....


  1. I love how people end up with great names. I hope you enjoy catching up with Pontin and I look forward to hearing all about it. Have fun! x

  2. My 9yr old son came home last week and said..."Tom isn't called Tom anymore....he's now called Trumpet"............I didn't ask.
    Hope you Rachael and Pontins have a great time x

  3. Hope you had fun at your reunion! I've passed on an award to you. Check it out here: