Sunday, 4 March 2012

all partied out

My friend was moaning the other day that she didn't have anything planned. She has an empty diary for the rest of the year. She has the week off work next week and she was fed up cos she doesn't have anything to do.
I don't get it! How can you have nothing to do when you have 2 kids?
And if you haven't got anything you have to do when you have a week off shouldn't you be jumping for joy and punching the air in excitement?
I dream of having a week off! Even a week filled with picking up the crap the kids chuck on the floor and tackling the Everest size ironing pile would put a smile on my face.
I suspect I am the exact opposite of my friend. I haven't had time to scratch my arse this weekend...we went to the library, baked a cake, made chilli and had a sleepover on Friday, did lots of taxi-ing of kids, went for a long dogwalk and a 40th party on Saturday and spent all today in Sheffield at the mother-in-law's 70th party.
I'm knackered!
Oh for a week off with nothing to do!!


  1. A WEEK OFF? - A girl can only dream of such luxuries!
    It's all blinkin' work, kids, work, taxi service, sleepovers, work, ironing, cooking and cleaning.

  2. Me too ! I've had flu all weekend....but not the usual flu....oh no !! I've had woman know the sort....even though you feel like you're on your last legs you still seem to be the one who is cooking, cleaning, ironing ferrying kids to and from footy, entertaining hoardes of nine year old boys !! Oh for just an hour off !! x

  3. By the way....I had to do it all as my hubby had the other sort of flu...the man sort....much more cure....just plenty of rest....and Sky Sports

  4. I can't understand people like that... there is always something to do however trivial it is!
    Make the most of your time is so important... it's all to easy to just laze and do nothing and not make an effort.
    Ha! that is so funny Jayne....I have a rotten cold, first one in years and got it from my hubbie. Still, you just have to get on with the routine of life :0)