Thursday, 8 March 2012

drum lessons

Kirklees Music School had a clever marketing ploy. They sent some dude into school with a massive drum kit to bang about a lot and impress the kids. The kids then went home and nagged their parents senseless for drum lessons. I was one of the suckers who fell for it.
I tried to persuade him that guitar lessons would be a better option but he was having none of it. The dude with the drum kit won. 
A very nice man phoned me today to tell me the little man can start his lessons after Easter. He is very excited. Ace!

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  1. Hi! What beautiful illustrations you do, I'm so happy to find your blog. Thanks for following me too! And you are a West Yorkshire girl, even better (although I'm from Glasgow!).
    Love this post about the drum lessons - made me laugh. That's what my boy wants to do too! x