Friday, 23 March 2012

award ceremony

I received three blog awards this week! THREE! Like getting a Bafta. And an Oscar. And another Oscar. Only better!
First I got the sunshine award from the lovely Jen at Little Birdie.
Then I got the Liebster award from lovely Louise at Love Print Studio.
Then, just now, I got another Liebster from the fabulous Amy at Shiney Orange Dreams.
Thanks so much to all three. Toooo kind.
I'm now supposed to pass them all on to 5 people each. 
Well....I am full of good intentions...
But I've got a terrible feeling that it's a job that'll go on the TO DO pile and stay there. I'm just rubbish at getting round to that sort of stuff. Answering questions. Picking people. FIFTEEN people. Having to make decisions. And which award to give to who?....Oh dear, could take a while. Watch this space....but don't hold your breath... 


  1. What a week! Pheweeeeee!
    Congratulations on all of you awards :-)
    Just goes to show what a lovely little corner of blog land you have! x

  2. Congratulations on all of your awards this week- well deserved!

  3. Well done pet your blog is v funny and illustrations always lovely so well deserved!

  4. Well done D...well deserved...thanks for your do make me smile !! xx

  5. Hey Dawn! I was going to bestow you with one also until I saw this! I think your cabinet is bursting out! Very well deserved Mrs,
    love Nikki :) xx