Monday, 12 March 2012

the great escape

Now that it doesn't get dark till later and it's not so freezing cold any more our garden has once again become the neighbourhood playground. We had 10 kids playing here tonight. 10 kids and 1 dog.
Which is ok with me 'cos at least I know where my kids are.
Unlike some of the neighbours, it would seem, who didn't have a clue what their offspring were up to. The mother of the 4 year old child from down the road and round the corner is clearly more laid back than me! Although I wouldn't know 'cos I've never met her.
Anyway it's all fine until one of the little sods leaves the gate open and the dog escapes.
But that only happens every 10 minutes or so. And we've managed to get her back every time. So far....


  1. lisa your house sounds KERAYZEE mental but full of life which you just can't beat!! good on you for letting them all hang in ur garden :) XX

  2. hi Dawn,
    im glad your starting to get nice weather now, and just as ours is dwindling away! although today and tomorrow is 30 degrees. I wont complain about that.
    On the dog front, I know exactly that, growing up, our dog would hit the balt every time the gate was left open... the cheeky bugger would always be found, around the block somewhere.
    very cute illustrations too
    Clare x

  3. It's all sounding a bit chaotic at yours atm! Love this little illustration though, the colours are fab!x

  4. Sounds crazy (for mum) but like lots of fun (for kids and dog)!