Thursday, 19 July 2012

busy week

Can I possibly cram anything else into this week?
I have been to Blackpool with my sister and ten 11/12 year olds, been out for my Dad's 70th, been to the little man's school play and end of year church service, mopped up tears as the big one left all her friends behind at Middle School, taken the little one to his last ever Beavers and sorted out presents and cards for teachers & at least a million birthdays this week...and I've still got the big one's horsey lesson and the little one's "swim up" to Cubs (a bizarre ritual where the kid goes under a table wearing a Beaver sweatshirt and comes out the other end in a Cub sweatshirt....he's not the fastest at getting could be a late night...) Then of course we have all the shopping and ironing and packing to do for our super-caravan-holiday-of-a-lifetime on Saturday. (It's gonna be sunny. My iPhone says so.)
AND just as the kids break up from school I finally find myself inspired for Autumn/Winter. Good timing Dawn! Maybe I'll take my computer to Filey and my sis can entertain the 5 kids?


  1. wowsers are superwoman!! Have a fabulous holiday....bring on that sunshine!!

  2. The swim up ritual is hilarious :-D Hope you have a wonderful holiday and the sun days all the time! x

  3. Gosh you need a caravan rest and yes it is going to be phone says so too!

  4. Hope you have a fab time plus sunshine!! Now that would be nice x