Tuesday, 3 July 2012

transition day

The big one went to her new school for the day today. She was really nervous. She was wide awake at stupid o'clock. She spent an hour in front of the mirror to make sure she looked ok. She packed and repacked the pen, pencil and notebook she had to take with her. 
There were 9 kids going from her current school so at least she had some mates. Most kids who got a place were the only ones from their schools.
Anyway, as luck would have it she loved it. Got a new mate so didn't need the old ones. Looking forward to starting in September now.
Thank god for that!


  1. My son starts too in September he had his day last week, it too went ok, he said on return that he is 60% nervous and 40% excited, as long as that does not change we will be o.k.
    He goes with 11 others from his school and as luck has it the naughtest boy from school just happens to be in his mentor group...and class...oh joy.
    Roll on September.

  2. Ben's not going to High School....ever....I intend to keep him at Primary School till he's about....er...18 or so...

  3. My kids move schools this year to (one to senior and one to juniors) - I feel really anxious about it, more than them I think. I have tried to be upbeat and not stressy but it's difficult. They have inductions next week - fingers crossed they have the same experience as your big one : ) PS: Love the illustration x

  4. I love how kids can make new best friends so quickly... fickle lot really.
    Glad it went well... now you've just got to worry about the boyfriends and alcohol at parties bit ..........

  5. My eldest moves on to seniors in sept (all grown up in a blazer and tie combo!)
    Youngest is going into year 8......all a bit sad they're growing up so fast.
    She'll be fine and dandy in her new school :-) xx