Sunday, 29 July 2012

I'm home!

Well it wasn't Lanzarote but we still managed to have a good holiday.
And I'm sure that in time we'll forget the kids arguing and moaning and demanding stuff and attacking each other ...and we'll just have a warm glow remembering the sunny days on the beach and the sandcastles and the fabulous picnics and the Malibu and Pomegranate and the chips with loads of vinegar. The cramped caravan with too-small-and-too-boney beds and the endless washing up and the early-rising kids who really needed to sleep longer will be forgotten and we'll just talk fondly of the late night bbq's and card games and the brilliant weather we had in the middle of a summer wash-out. 
I'm feeling rather nostalgic about it already.
As I head to my king size memory foam...

1 comment:

  1. Your holiday sounds just like ours except we didnt have the good weather , we had the horrid rain 2 weeks ago!! My friends just got a new caravan with a massive sink , I am v. jealous as its true, in our caravan I was always washing up ..whats all that about!!! God whats happened to me I have caravan sink envy..I am a freak!!