Wednesday, 11 July 2012

school bus

There are 6 girls who got in at the new school....5 mums. (2 twinnies got a place, clever twinnies)
It will no longer be possible for them to walk to school. Unless they get up at 5am to spend an hour in front of the mirror and leave at 6am to get walking boots. 
But there's no point in 5 mums doing 10 car journeys a week each.
So we had a get together in the pub last night and came up with a rota.
It took some doing. Had to work round dodgy working hours, siblings, Lyndsay's Dad, dancing classes and my small car.
We sorted it after a couple of vinos.
Hope it flipping works 'cos I really don't want to swap the lovely Mini for an ugly bus.
..And please don't tell the mums who own the 3 boys who got a place....there's no room for boys in my car.


  1. Gosh what a challenge, good luck!!
    Love your school bus none the less!
    So relieved my son needs to only walk up the road!

  2. That's a great idea! Good luck with it all! We are currently have lots of school drama and it involves moving suburbs, spending lots more money on rent and ensuring that the toddler starts at a pre-school next year that 'feeds' to the 'right' junior school. Ugh, it is a pain and a lot of stress! x