Monday, 9 July 2012

scavenger hunt

A week on Saturday me and my sister are going on our annual jaunt with the kids. Last year we upgraded to a 4 bedroomed villa with private pool in Lanzarote.
It was fantastic.
This year we are going to......
A caravan in Filey.
Can't wait.
Especially as it's gonna chuck it down every day.
I texted her today to say that in order to get the kids out from under our feet in the caravan I will devise a scavenger hunt for them. 
They did it at the kids club on the cruise we went on a couple of years ago. Give the kids a list of items they have to find then put your feet up for half an hour while they go off and look for them. Sorted.
My sister sent back some suggestions for the list.....not quite what I had in mind...


  1. snap! we will also be heading into the rain a week on saturday on our annual summer holiday in cornwall. We will spend a billion pounds on things to do when it rains and eat enough for 40 men because we're bored....can't wait!

    1. can I interest you in a copy of the scavenger hunt? ;-)

    2. a game we do!

  2. Ha Ha.... maybe not! fingers and eyes crossed for a few rays of sunshine and maybe add half eaten Kebab onto list!