Saturday, 25 August 2012

birthday boy

It was the little man's birthday today. He is 8.
He had the best party ever at Krispy Kreme. They got to make donuts, eat donuts and design donuts. He had a birthday cake made from a million donuts. Then he got to choose 12 donuts to take home. The big one got to pick 6 for designing the best donut. We came home with 22 donuts altogether. Guess who feels sick now?!


  1. Oh I wish you'd invited me! I only live 10 mins away from Krispy Kreme and it's dangerous for my waistline and purse. Maybe I'll see if I can convince the Boy to have his next party there. x

  2. Love it!!! Send a donut this way if you have any spare! xxx

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like a great birthday party! x