Thursday, 30 August 2012

school uniform

Ah the joys of school uniform shopping! 50 quid for a blazer...and it's BROWN! And the poor man in the ONLY shop to stock the big one's uniform looked in serious need of a large glass of wine when I went to pick up the "training top", which had been initialed, today.
We were the lucky ones, we got all our requirements in one visit a month ago. Others weren't so fortunate. The stuff they ordered at the start of summer has still not arrived. There was a long queue of irate parents waiting to shout at him. How hard can it be though? Everyone knows August is school uniform month. Everyone except the man in the shop. And his rubbish supplier. 
At least he had one happy customer...The big one's initials are JW so now she's pretending she got her training top from Jack Wills.  


  1. i sympathise with big school uniform was brown when i was was flipping awful....and the only place you could get it was deanes uniform suppliers next to the school...they did a roaring trade! all the girls used to get the lady with the tape measure to take the a-line skirts in and they were so tight, everyone walked like penguins...oh happy days!!

  2. Arrrr , this is the first time my son needs uniform for secondary school, it is a real eye opener, now I know why everyone complains we have had it to easy.