Wednesday, 22 August 2012

new website!

Well, never one to give's my new website...

It's not the greatest website in the world. I used a site builder 'cos I don't know the first thing about web design. 
I hate the ugly frames around the pictures in the gallery but I can't get rid of the damned things. Also not keen on the gradient shading. Can't get rid of that either.
And after neatly putting my pictures in a fabulous order THREE TIMES only for the stupid thing to randomly mess them up again I gave in.
So it's gonna look like this till I employ some whizz kid geek, who doesn't do naff picture frames, to design me a proper one. Which could be never. So learn to like it people!


  1. I think it looks pretty good! x

  2. Well it looks pretty darn fab even if you aren't so happy! I use for my website (as I am equally crap at HTML!), they offer a bit more design 'freedom' but still have some restrictions...moonfruit is another? x

  3. I think it looks superfab building mine right now ( but it's slow going )....I build everything in iweb on the Mac...I realise I now sound like I know what I'm doing...not true ( I have a friend who does !! ) xx

  4. Think it looks great, it's always a relief when it is done, impressed that you completed in the summer holidays too! x

  5. think it looks great-nice and simple and easy to navigate. I'm also mid website renewal. I've got all my images to get sorted-(ugh) then it's finished!
    Will be posting about it once it's up and running :0))

  6. dawn!! it looks awesome, great to see a ton of your work all in one place X