Saturday, 11 August 2012

having it all in the school holidays

Been all hands-on-parent and everything this week. Been to the park for the day and the school uniform shop and some kids party and horsey lessons.  Done all kinds of hoovering and ironing and cleaning and butternut squash curry making. 
Also done a lot of working till after flipping midnight to catch up after days off spent faffing about with little people.
Yeah...the pic has no relevance to my story, soz. Can't have everything.


  1. I know what you's non stop and then up till 2am working...and we are only half way through !! Have to booked for a cricket the garden...with a bunch of 9 yr olds !! xxx

  2. guess what dawn.....i have made butternut squash curry this week too, had friends to stay and cleared up after, gone to the open air pool 3 days in a row, made a mountain of sandwiches and also worked until 1 in the morning! Next week looks pretty much the same....another friend coming to stay and a wedding thrown in there (and i still don't know what i'm wearing!)