Saturday, 6 October 2012

car park

We went to the Isle of Man as foot passengers 'cos the other half's lovely cousin and his mrs had left their new car for us to use while we were there. (Fools. Don't they know we have mucky kids who have no respect for other people's property?)
Anyway we left Neil's car in a multi storey car park in Liverpool. We dumped it in a rush on Friday. Couldn't find the damned thing when we picked it up on Sunday night. 
Me and the kids hung about with the bags while the other half had to track it down. Finally drove up to the barrier to pay and the already rather grumpy other half says "Where's the ticket?" 
Like I'm supposed to remember where I put it 2 days ago!
An intensive search produced no results. Not in my bag...pocket...purse...bra or any other obvious ticket-keepy-safe-place.
So we explain to the nice car park man that we appear to have lost our ticket and we've been here since Friday.
And we're expecting him to shake his head and say he'll have to charge us for the whole week and that'll be 200 quid please.
But the nice car park man says "Ah, just give us a fiver"
Nice one!
Found the ticket yesterday in the big one's purse. Who the chuff hid it there?!

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