Friday, 5 October 2012

mad busy week and a brown fairy

I know I'm always harping on about being busy. And I am. Always. But this week was REALLY busy. Never mind no time to sit on my arse... I didn't even have time to blog!! 
It all started with the big one's birthday last Thursday. In a moment of stupidity and confusion about being a domestic goddess I invited a million people for tea. Spent all day making it and all night cleaning up after it. 
Then on Friday I chucked all the clean clothes I could find into a bag and we went away to the Isle of Man for the weekend. But because the ferry takes longer than it does to get to flipping France we only really had a day and a bit there so we had to cram it all in. Around the Isle of Man in a day sort of stuff.
Got back Sunday night and chucked everything out of the bag to re-pack for the big one's 3 day school trip....ironing labels in all her clothes at midnight. I'm sooo organised. 
Spent the rest of the week trying to catch up with all the work I should've been doing whilst making party food and eating ice-cream on windy beaches. 
And all the time, like a big weight on my shoulders, was the looming first birthday of baby Alexandra.
Months ago, in a moment of confusion about how much time I actually have on my hands, I promised the other half's sister I'd make a picture for her kid's first birthday. She was very specific. She wanted a brown fairy. Baby Alexandra (Don'tCallHerAlexHerNameIsAlexandra) is mixed race and Auntie Tracey is sick of only ever being able to buy blonde fairies. She has a point.
So in and amongst all the other 4000 urgent jobs to do I made this...
I am trying not to dwell on the fact that I rushed round like a lunatic to get it in the post yesterday only to hear that Auntie Tracey and Baby Alexandra have gone out and won't actually be in to sign for it. It will be spending the weekend on the floor of some sorting office. I could've just made the damned thing tonight instead. With a glass of wine.


  1. Well...Baby Alexandra (Don'tCallHerAlexHerNameIsAlexandra)and her mum should be well chuffed with your effort...I want one !! You're such a talented bloggy friend x

  2. phah hahahahahahaha this is brilliant, hilarious realistic story of life I love it!!!! x
    ps. Perlease come and join in heads, shoulders, knees and toes ( soon to be renamed as is such a mouthful!!) when you get a spare mo...haha!!! x

  3. Ah it lovely!! I love the brown fairy! Well done pet on a crazy week!!

  4. Well it was worth all the effort because it's lovely! best brown fairy I've ever seen! :) x

  5. I love her, well done you, I bet they will be thrilled, annoying yep that they won't be around when it is delivered, but at least it's done now, another thing to cross off of your list. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. dawn, you are full of awesomeness!!! xx

  7. thanks'll be pleased to know that auntie tracey and baby alexandra made it home in time for the postie and they love the brown fairy. phew!

  8. Aw...she is a beautiful brown fairy - well done! x