Monday, 29 October 2012

pumpkin free zone

We went to buy a pumpkin tonight. The big Tesco had sold out. So we drove through rush hour traffic to the small Tesco. 
They had also sold out. So had the Co-op on the way home.
There were loads in there on Saturday. But we didn't need one on Saturday. We needed one today.
Why oh why do I always leave stuff till the last minute?
Story of my flipping life.


  1. Ditto on the pumpkin shortage here in Staffs. Halloween is a whole day away what's WRONG with these organized people!!

  2. I know! They get on my flipping nerves with their organised pumpkin purchasing :-(

  3. there be lots down here me lover...pumpkins coming out of our ears! I'll send you one! x

  4. This happened to me! My little boy had to settle for a plastic pumpkin lantern - shame on me! Must do better.