Sunday, 21 October 2012

christmas in october...again

It's everywhere. Flipping Christmas stuff. Shops full of 'handy' gifts, wrapping paper, cards and TAT. Adverts on telly persuading my kids they need even more gadgets and remote control cars. People on facebook counting down the days. And WORSE boasting that they've done all their shopping and baked the chuffing cake. 
So does that mean it's time to design the Christmas card then?
Feeling the need to ditch the usual Snowman/Penguin job this year. But probably won't. It usually ends up as a Snowman/Penguin thing...

...or a reindeer in a Christmas sweater...


  1. Ha! Glad it's not just me! I love xmas...but at the appropiate time of year! It's Halloween, bonfire night and xmas in the shops all at once! Love your little reindeer guy though x

  2. yup cool reindeer, I definately wait till Mid Decemebr to start the Christmas Panic, always late with the card thingy too!

  3. Is he off to the golf course, stuff the sleigh...he's going to do a round of golf instead! x