Friday, 12 October 2012

get your grown up growing

So this letter came home from school inviting all four-hundred-and-something parents to a GetYourGrownUpGrowing thing after school. They needed help digging stuff up and planting veg and trees.
I filed it. In the bin. Like I have time for extra curricular activities.

Then the little one came home with a sad face and said NO parents had volunteered to help.
So I put my name on the list. 
It was tonight. After Celebration Assembly. (I wore my wellies to assembly. Quality.)
Me and Alf and about 6 other parents and their kids and a few teachers did some digging and some planting.
It was ace! I was all green fingered and everything!
AND someone lovely from the PTA had made us all some homemade carrot and coriander soup.
And we got to bring home freshly harvested celery 'cos there was so much that the kitchen staff couldn't possibly use it all.

Put my name down next time kid, I LOVE growing stuff me! 


  1. I'm in love your work you have such a great style!

  2. Good to hear you've got the growing bug! And now that a few of you have done it, I'm sure more volunteers will come forward. Lovely illustration. x

    1. This could be a pic of you Jen :-) x

  3. It's easy to catch that growing things bug, and when you've tasted stuff, it gets even better. Runner beans, my fave, just stick em in and woosh, up they come! :) Glad you did it!

  4. Well done you and at least youve got a nice p.t.a...ours is run by a bit of a dragon who doesnt like trying anything new ...and is some frustrated business woman, who if it doesnt make a profit doesnt want to know....
    celery soup round at yours then ?...

  5. I got hijacked about joining the PTA, said I couldn't busy busy and all that. Came home felt bad, my son loves the film nights, discos and the caretaker dressing up as Santa (bit worrying but I always go in with him). So guess what I'm now "official designer" of all things PTA. No more rubbish clip art in our school!!!