Tuesday, 5 June 2012

all partied out

Well that was the longest weekend ever!
I've been to a street party, a second birthday party, a girly night out for my sister's birthday, a mad night in the pub ('cos we always have a mad night in the pub on bank holiday Sunday) We had a birthday tea at my mum and dad's, an afternoon at the park with the dog and a day ligged in front of the telly watching Jubilee stuff while the kids trashed the house.
I'm exhausted.
Need to get back to work for a rest...
ps... The baby from the baby shower arrived today...a Jubilee baby! Little Orla. Cute. Now I need another present....

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  1. ha I just wrote something along these lines too, went to a wedding and got a little drunk and returned home to a poorly Olive who then projectile vomited all over me!! she is now fine phew!! X