Friday, 1 June 2012

nice buns

Well, clearly, everyone who decided to make Jubilee buns went shopping for all the fancy stuff a month ago 'cos they were super organised and had known for like 60 years it was gonna be the Diamond Jubilee this week. Everyone except us. We went today. Turned up at the supermarket ready to purchase all kinds of Union Jack bun cases and redwhiteandblue sprinkles. Our hopes were dashed. Not a Union Jack to be seen anywhere. The redwhiteandblue section was empty. In it's place were leopard print bun cases and butterfly cupcake toppers. Who needs that sort of thing the day before a Jubilee Street Party???
We had to resort to DIY flags made Blue Peter styleee from some Union Jack paper chains... and cocktail sticks. All double sided tape and everything!
I'm sure the people up my Mum's street won't notice the homemadeness. Not when they taste the little beauties.

You may note from the photo that we made BUNS, like proper buns...not those fancy cupcakes currently in vogue. Cupcakes that look fabulous but frankly taste YAK. All that nasty fondant stuff on the outside hiding a dry, poor quality bun. No thank you! AND we have square bun tins.... woo get us, we are the future!


  1. Oh yummy, I want one of those :-) x

  2. Your buns look lush. I can't bake at all. I tried to be a flowery dress type mother and make my sons birthday cake. It was so rubbish and flat I cut it into squares and passed it off as choc brownies! Went to M& S and bought a real cake!! Haha! Hope your having a fabbee time!