Thursday, 14 June 2012

welcome home

Well the big one arrived home from her school trip yesterday. She was "very tired and emotional".
Actually she was an absolute bloody awful nightmare who stropped into the house, punched the little man, slammed the door in our face, screamed that she didn't want to go to Nana's for tea and  refused to believe she was tired. She texted me at 9pm. Still refusing to sleep. Said that my suggestion of drawing in bed had not relaxed her and why did I have another child???....poor Alf, she's never liked him!


  1. Did her the world of good then, school camp....don't you just love them especially when they are tired.

  2. wowza can't wait for my little poppet to turn into one of those!! eek x

    1. Have another one quick Ilona! We waited 4 which time she was used to being the centre of everyone's attention...she's never got over it!

  3. I love this one, because my blog is called "Huis lief huis".
    And that is a Dutch translation for "Home sweet home".
    So i love it! Carolien

  4. I can sympathise. My daughter is the pre-teen from hell. *sigh*. xx

  5. You make me laugh Dawn, you do tell it like it is!! My Son is VERY grown up now, ie 21, and he's still the same,aaaaagggghhhhh. we are still waiting for him TO grow up actually,?. Love the illustrations you do too!Fabulous!

  6. Oh dear my daughter is only four but acts like she is 16, I have it all to come!!! She keeps asking me to have another child but a boy isn't allowed yikes!!! x

  7. we have parallel lives dawn! My daughter is constantly telling me that I love her brother more than her and giving him a sneaky whack when she thinks we're not looking. She's got the evil sibling stare off to a tee! (Actually, that makes her sound really spooky like an omen child, she's not that bad!)

  8. Oh dear lord, I've just had the very same thing a couple of weeks ago from my youngest (almost 12 - going on 25......)
    Chin up and go sit in the shed with a large glass of something cold