Tuesday, 12 June 2012

grumpy bum

You know when you have one of those days when you're really fed up for no reason - apart from the crap weather, the mess all over the house, the sudden lack of finances, the crappy jobs on the to do list and the bloody PMT? Well that was me yesterday. Bad mood, no ideas except rubbish ones, grumpy and fed up fed up fed up. The other half said "What's up with YOU? Are you pre-mental?"...which helped no end!
I took myself into Leeds for a mooch around. Spent a small fortune on the car park and the Starbucks. Came back a better person.
Smiley face and lots of ideas. That's me now that is. Sort of....


  1. I felt that way yesterday too Dawn... the Mondayness didn't help either! xx

  2. I feel that way today...everyone's gone back to school and work and have left me with a right tip ....even though I worked till 1 am his morning !!! Deep breath ! xx

  3. Wish Id read this before ramming 3 chocolate bars down my mouth trying to cheer myself up...
    Having a wasted day redoing everything twice.. got no car so can't whizz off anywhere so will wait for it to pass.. or maybe have a another twirl bar...
    P.S NCP are money grabbing monsters...

  4. oh yes I know THAT one very well!! shopping and chocolate oh yes and a phoenix rising bath bomb from lush ALWAYS makes me feel better x that and a MASSIVE rant at someone!!! X

  5. Oh I'm with you! I ha a rubbish unproductive Monday too. I hate October and yesterday felt like an October morning, cold dark and damp!!! I find rose wine helps!!

  6. Ha....that was me yesterday! Only I stupidly sat it out trying to work getting madder by the minute! I'm finding the constant switching of themes really hard... one minute it's winter then it's summer again (a lot like the weather really!) I don't know if I'm coming or going! x

  7. Hello there. Came across your blog, via another blog, via another blog (started at Print and pattern Blog). Whats a fabulously upbeat blogger you are. And such cute imagery to go alongside your posts (and local to me too).

    I look forward to seeing future posts.


  8. Please tell me your purchases were more than
    a parking ticket and a latte?
    Don't let me down.......tell me that you had
    at least ONE carrier bag from a nice shop..??