Friday, 8 June 2012


I know us Britishers always seem to witter on about the weather....but's crap. It's school holidays! Sort it out! Someone! Please! Before I kill someone....


  1. I agree!! Looks like my camping week with my little one in Wales next week should be fun if the weather continues like this! :(

  2. Oh how I remember those awful (Scottish) summers. Winter I could cope with (it's supposed to cold after all) but those dreich summers really used to get me down. But of course now that I actually live somewhere with a 'proper' summer, I complain when it gets too hot!

    1. Yeah winter you expect cold damp and dismal....June should be sunny sunny sunny. Where do you live now? Got a spare room? I'll come and moan about the heat with ya! x

  3. We got married 10 years ago today....we picked June ( as in flaming June ) because my mum said you get the best weather in June...I remember it poured down !!!!