Saturday, 9 June 2012

I am a w i n n e r !

I won a giveaway!
I didn't even know until the postie arrived this morning.
Isn't she fabulous?
Aren't you gutted you didn't enter?
She's from Whistle and Stitch and was Sarah's entry in the Umbrella Prints competition.
I love her...had to wrestle her off the big one... who also loves her! Mitts off kid, she's mine.


  1. She is rarther lovelee....I'm especially loving her hair...I think I may go for that look...that hair is fab ! x

  2. Ah Jayne, MY hair actually looks like that every morning :-)

  3. My son says i have "scary hair" in a morning....he could be right...

  4. Yey congratulations! that is so cute, and i love the fan!!!! I love a good giveaway.
    Hope you are well,
    Clare x