Saturday, 22 June 2013

grumpy snail

Another week in LillaLand done and dusted.
This week was children's book week. We had to illustrate the front cover for Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snail and the Rose Tree" - a rather grim tale about a grumpy snail who thinks he's something he isn't and moans a lot. Then he dies.
I was really looking forward to putting in mucho effort this week cos kids books are where I'd like to be. But I had a lot of real life proper paid work to do. 
It would've been a bonus if the people paying me good money to come up with fabulous designs had changed their briefs to accommodate snails and rose trees. But sadly they didn't. 
So I stayed up till stupid o'clock every night. 
The house is a tip. We have no food. The kids can't remember who I am. But I got the book cover done. Yay!
But remember people, not all snails are grumpy. Some of them know how to have a laugh you know.


  1. Snails lookk fabatastic!
    Go eat something now and hug your kids xx

  2. wow the expressions are amazing! really strong Dawny well done, you should be very go and feed your kids! hahaha x